The concept of Mobile Monday started in Helsinki in 2000, and there are currently 140 chapters globally.  MoMoMcr is the UK’s North West chapter and is supported by sponsors and volunteers.

Events are free to attend on a selected Monday approximately every 6 weeks and held at a leading venue for networking, professional exchange and business development for the mobile industry.  The community promotes discussions, and shared experiences, exchange and opinions.  We also encourage co-operation and partnerships between companies and individuals.

Sponsorship Scope

MoMoMcr events are made possible through the sponsorship of forward-thinking companies that understand the power of networking and the benefits of supporting events that support people and business.  MoMoMcr networking events take place at a popular location of Dukes 92, in City Centre of Manchester.  2012 attracted sponsors from Apadmi Limited, BBC, Nokia, Marmalade and BlackBerry.

Speakers / Panels

At each event, MoMoMcr invites 5/6 guest speakers and are offered 10 minutes to present – followed by usually a lively Q&As session.  Our members are very enthusiastic and passionate about mobile.  Sponsors are offered a place on the panel and an additional 10 minutes to talk about recent projects or exciting plans.


We have 700+ unique individuals on our database.  This audience represents a wide and deep slice of the North West mobile industry and includes professionals from digital, marketing, handset makers, mobile app developers, network operators etc.

Sponsor Promotion

Sponsors are asked to provide a digital promotional message, including logo or image – links will be made to their websites.  This logo/message will be included in all pre/post event marketing.

At the event, sponsors will be introduced and asked to make a short presentation (approx. 10 mins) to the audience.  If your company is a headline sponsors, you may be invited to chair the topic/event.

Usual Format for MoMoMcr Events:

6 pm           Networking

6.30 pm     Welcome from the Chair or Sponsor  5/6 on the panel – each having 10/15 minutes to present

7.45 pm      Open Forum of Q&As

8.15 pm       Closing remarks followed ongoing networking.

We have a number of packages to suit all pockets.

If your interested in being involved in future events, either speaking, sponsoring, attending, or if you would like further information, then please don’t hesitate to contact michelle@momomcr.org