2nd Screen


With our Second Screen event, the challenge was getting the first screen working, turned out to be a dodgy HDMI replicator that was the fault, but we soldiered on.

The start to the event was a few words from our Sponsor of the night, Nick Gallon of the BBC, who had graciously put us in Quay House, overlooking the Docks, and laid on refreshments.

First up to speak, was Ryan Norton, talking about what the BBC has been looking at, and piloting, covering a range of technologies, from Watermarking, Synced live, to audio detection. Great to hear what the BBC have been doing – a link to be provided soon to their content.

Second up was Paul Rawlings from Screen Reach Interactive, covering some of the interactive second screen experiences.  From swiftcover billboard game, through to football stadium surveys.

Finally we had Jeff Coghlan, from Matmi, explaining some of their experiences, with multi screen gaming, what they have been doing with TVs, and how they are integrating the experiences going forward.

After the presentations, the questions from the floor covered topics such as how to generate revenue, how to make sure the second screen apps are found, the value of advertising in this space, and also data protection.

Big Thanks to the speakers, and looking forward to the next session.