Mobile Monday Manchester does the APPrentice

It was night full of interactivity, insights and friendly competition! The team here at Apadmi had a great evening at our sponsored event ‘Mobile Monday Manchester does the APPrentice’, held at UKFast on December 7th.

The event had the pleasure of welcoming some new faces and some old favourites back to the final MoMo of 2015.

The speakers

The APPrentice experts were:

– Tom Cheesewright, (event Chair), Applied Futurist and Author of Book of the Future

– Guy Weaver, Associate Director, KPMG

– Matt Harney, Creative Producer, Apadmi

– Marcus Hadfield, Group Director Digital, McCann

The event followed a different format to usual, and overall the crowd seemed to really enjoy the change. Hannah Pym, the event organiser, said that MoMoMCR really wanted to try something new in the run up to Christmas, “It was great to try out a different format for our Xmas event. The feedback was excellent, and it was nice to see so many people receptive to the interactivity and friendly competition.”

Taking inspiration from the BBC One’s Apprentice, the crowd was separated into groups of up to 6 people who were to act as a company for the evening, all of whom were competing against each other. In their groups they were asked to take on the APPrentice challenge, coming up with an innovative app concept, a winning design and a marketing strategy having listened to 4 thought provoking keynotes from our experts.

The talks

Tom Cheesewright kicked everything off with a short look at the history and evolution of tech. He talked about where apps are now and where will they be in the future, and how apps allow us to interact and be connected with the physical world – this was obvious inspiration for some of our groups when it came to pitching their idea!

Next was KPMG’s Guy Weaver, who passed on his experience working for one of the largest accountancy and consultancy firms in the world. Insights on nurturing innovation and solidifying a strong business proposition were top of Guy’s list, as well as the importance of building a strong team.

Apadmi’s Creative Producer Matt Harney was third, helping the groups out with app design and passing on his pearls of wisdom with his years’ of experience at Apadmi. He dissected the design of two well-known app interfaces, presenting wireframes of apps pre visual design and development.

Matt spoke about the importance of creating an interface that users respond well to, otherwise you risk losing customers that simply delete the app – avoiding this is an essential part of any designer’s job.

The final talk of the night came from global ad agency McCann Manchester, whose Managing Partner, Marcus Hadfield presented the benefits of traditional advertising, or lack thereof. Marcus also spoke about the power of subliminal messaging, and in the modern age how important it is to influence the influencers.

He showed the latest advertising for Sony, and pointed out a hidden screen included in the TV advert.

The ideas

There were so many good ideas, but our experts could only choose four finalists – one group championed by each expert. You could feel the spirit of competition in the air, which probably had something to do with the great prizes on offer; 6 pairs of Bose headphones!

But there could be only one group that won…

Here were the top 4 finalists for this year’s APPrentice

Miracle 34

This team came up with an app designed to take the stress out of Xmas shopping. Isn’t that every parent’s dream?

Miracle 34 is subscription service that allows children to create their wish list for Christmas. The app will then check all of the local areas to find the cheapest price, and use an affiliate program to charge stores for referrals.


This team had the idea of creating a travel experience for those that can’t afford it, or aren’t physically able to. They sold this idea as “try before you buy travel” service for consumers going to new and unknown countries.

The Travelspace group claimed that they could send people back in time using new VR systems, and that you can even bring your friends along for the ride.


This team wanted to bring the GP to your living room with the MyDOC app. The app allowed you to do all kinds of health-related activities, such as speak to a doctor, get a prescription, order tablets and manage appointments.

They even wanted to partner with Apple Pay and integrate the app with FitBit – forward thinking!


The Streamer team’s app allows you to continue to watch videos, even when your smartphone receives a call or text message. At present, most services like Netflix and YouTube automatically shut off if a phone gets a call – Streamer want to change that.

Their app allows you to effortlessly respond to all of your friends, and not lose your groove.

Which is your favourite app? Can you guess who won?

Maybe it was the time of year or perhaps they had the best money-maker, but the judges decided on Miracle 34, so the whole team won that fantastic prize – a pair of awesome Bose headphones each!

We had a lot of fun at Mobile Monday, and it was great to see so many familiar faces. As always, keep your eyes peeled for more MoMoMCR events in 2016!

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