Mobile Money and Security

Tim Jefferson – Panel Chair

Tim Jefferson is the Managing Director of The Human Chain, a UK based consultancy that focuses on bringing new products and services to market in the mobile and wireless sectors by providing management and technical consultancy, along with thought leadership in Europe and North America.

Tim is a senior management consultant with over twenty-five years of commercial and technical experience. He is a natural enthusiast for his subject and helps businesses to use mobile and wireless technology to drive new revenue opportunities, reduce costs and re-engage with their end users with mobile enablers such as contactless/NFC, QR codes, location and social media. His recent work has focused in helping people understand the changing world of commerce and how central mobile now is for merchants, brands, banks, transit authorities telco’s and technology providers. Projects have included scoping new value propositions and go to market strategies for m-commerce, mobile wallets, mobile payments (including mobilePOS acceptance), ticketing, mobile advertising, analytics, loyalty, coupons/offers, physical and logical access as well as TSM deployment.

Tim has authored numerous reports, white papers and published documents including New mobilePOS Services, NFC Payments in Europe, The Changing Face of Mobile, NFC microSD, Alternative NFC Form Factors and Mobile Wallets, all available from

Tim is an experienced chairman, facilitator and speaker for a number of mobile and wireless technology events. Recently these have covered m-commerce, mobile banking and payment, MVNOs and contactless/NFC.

Tim can be contacted on +44 (0) 7836 660419 or

Fred Blesser

Fred has gathered experience at all levels of the mobile phone industry, from operating systems development to platform integration and marketing, moving from project management roles to key engineering and marketing positions within multinational companies.
Fred joined TransaXiom in July 2012, and now oversees all of TransaXiom’s technology and development activities.

Neil Garner

Neil founded Proxama in 2005 (then called Glue4 Technologies). The business focused on creating services that link people and brands using consumer technologies. In 2008, the company was rebranded as Proxama with a focus on the applications of mobile, smartcard and NFC technologies. Neil passionately believes in using emerging technologies to create valuable services for people.
Prior to founding Proxama, Neil ran a division of a niche consultancy, Consult Hyperion, where he led the systems implementation teams for a number of ground breaking products including Vodafone’s m-Pesa, MasterCard’s PayPass, Sky and Barclaycard’s SkyCard and American Express Blue card.
Neil has a MEng and DPhil from York University and is a Chartered Engineer. Any precious time at home is split between renovating an old property and enjoying life with his wife and three young children.

Charles Weir

Charles has been consulting on mobile since before there was mobile. He was the architect on projects at Symbian from which the first generation of “smartphones” emerged, including the popular Ericsson R380 and Sony-Ericsson P800.
Thirteen years ago he founded Penrillian, now a team of over 30, and has kept them busy ever since delivering projects to clients from all quarters of the mobile ecosystem — from network operators, financial institutes, handset vendors, and 2nd-party software vendors, to non-mobile businesses seeking to mobilise.