Mobile Education

Anne Nortcliffe

Anne is an academic with Phd in Control Engineering, currently a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Science at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, with teaching responsibilities in both computing and engineering departments.  Anne applies a blended learning approach to her teaching and assessment, and has successfully researched and developed a technological blended approach using audio/technology to support to her teaching and assessment feedback to enhance the student learning and experience, and PBL to develop student learning and employability.   More recently Anne’s educational research has been in researching and developing students’ learning through encouraging the students to using technology, audio and smart devices to support their learning.



Jason Wright

Jayy currently studying BSc Professional Sound and Video technology. I have always been interested in audio and video, but it was only after becoming involved in live events as a stagehand to gain industry experience that I decided to enrol at university (for the second time) – as a college graduate in my early 20’s i started a BA Pop. Music and recording but decided this wasn’t for me and so began working menial jobs before finally realising what it was that I wanted to do. I feel this is the right move made at the right time as there is so much more on offer with the opening of MCUK. | @ugfl

Ian Joyner

Ian is a Software Engineer at Apadmi with an interest in education. After 6 years developing software in the aerospace industry, in 2009 the ‘in your hand’ appeal of mobile became too much to ignore and he moved into writing software for iOS. Joining the aerospace industry as an apprentice, Ian has first hand experience of an industry approach to education and is now looking for opportunities to use the appeal of mobile to drive software education forward in the UK.

Michael Rumbelow

Michael is the producer on BBC Skillswise, a set of online videos, games, quizzes, printables and more recently mobile phone tools to support adults learning maths and English.

Michael has worked for 10 years in BBC Learning, previously working on Bitesize, Primary languages, jam and Class clips. Before the BBC he worked as a secondary school maths teacher, an editor of online multimedia news at financial news service Bloomberg and as a journalist for computer games magazine Amiga User International.

Stuart Smith

Founder and Chief Shepherd of 3 Sheep Ltd

Stuart founded 3 Sheep after completing 7 years of research and development at The University of Manchester, designing and developing an international award-winning Web App. Following the award I knew it was time to seek new challenges. Digital technology is happening real-time in the consumer and business market places. So 3 Sheep was born, to help businesses push the boundaries of the digital technology and to make the most of the opportunities they bring.

@StuMSmith@3sheep |