Location on Mobile

Denis O’Donnell

Denis runs XLR Group, which has previously worked in logistics and legacy database systems.  More recently, the company has been developing cloud & mobile based systems, based around  managing any  task relating to people, places, assets and time.


Shermadeen Miller

Shermadeen Miller joined the O2 Media team in 2011 in the role of Client Strategy Manager across the Entertainment and Restaurant Category.

Her responsibilities include educating clients across O2’s suite of products and services, understanding the value of data to reach relevant and desirable audiences.

She has over nine years of experience in Media, initially starting her career at the National Magazine Company before moving on to Orange FT.


@Shermadeen |www.o2media.co.uk

Mike Dunphy

He set up MD Media Consulting in 2008 with the vision of helping brands and organisations maximise their mobile potential. He has since worked with a number of top football clubs and brands including Liverpool FC, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Vodafone, IGT/Barcrest. This has ranged from wider digital consultancy to assisting in delivering mobile service including distribution across Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. He has worked with many of these clubs on delivering some of the first branded football iPhone Apps becoming the biggest grossing sports apps in the UK. He has also assists other brands with mobile strategy and published No1 Apps in his own right. More recently his focus has been moving across social media as mobile and web converge more and more, he has worked with Social Gifting platform Wishgenie.com and presently works with Bubble Motion (social audio service) and Lemon (LBS).

@mdunphy | www.mdmediaconsulting.co.uk


Stuart Smith

Founder and Chief Shepherd of 3 Sheep Ltd

Stuart founded 3 Sheep after completing 7 years of research and development at The University of Manchester, designing and developing an international award-winning Web App. Following the award I knew it was time to seek new challenges. Digital technology is happening real-time in the consumer and business market places. So 3 Sheep was born, to help businesses push the boundaries of the digital technology and to make the most of the opportunities they bring.

@StuMSmith@3sheep | www.3sheep.co.uk