Freemium vs Premium

Alex Bowker

Alex is Business Development Manager for BlackBerry looking after education, health and multimedia opportunities in the UK.

Alex works with brands, partners and developers to produce innovative mobile applications based on current and future technologies as well as evangelising the BlackBerry platform

Prior to joining RIM, Alex spent 20 years in the freelance market with large enterprise customers including Hewlett Packard, Zurich Financial Services and British Petroleum.

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Stephen Hey

Stephen started his career at Ocean Software in 1993 working on the PR for such games as ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Worms’ and ‘V-Rally’. Ocean was bought by Infogrames in the mid-nineties and Stephen’s role careered into corporate relations and marketing. In 1999 Stephen, along with three colleagues, launched Head First – a design and advertising agency working exclusively in the video games sector. Here he worked on brands such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘WWE’, ‘Lego’, ‘Devil May Cry’ and ‘Resident Evil’.

Since the end of 2008 Stephen has been Marketing Manager at Manchester based Connect2Media – a global publisher of games for mobile devices. The company publish across mobile phone, smartphone and tablet devices and Stephen is responsible for international marketing on carrier decks and direct to consumer channels such as Apple’s App Store and Android’s Marketplace.


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Simon East

Simon has worked with mobile devices and applications for over 20 years. In 2008 he co-founded DriveGain – a company that produces an iPhone app that helps users save fuel as they drive. He started his career at British PDA pioneer Psion and was part of the executive team that transformed Psion’s software group into Symbian. In 2001 he founded the mobile photo uploading company Cognima (later to become ShoZu). For more background see Simon’s LinkedIn profile.

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Adam Fleming

Adam has been working in the mobile industry since the early days of 3G networks, and has experience of areas ranging from core-network hardware through to mobile handset device drivers, middleware and applications. As CTO for Apadmi, Adam’s focus is mainly on technology and the opportunities it presents for Apadmi and Apadmi’s clients.

A technology enthusiast, Adam has spent most of his career engaged directly with clients at all phases of the project lifecycle. These days, Adam specialises in early-stage consultancy and prototyping, green-field projects and helping customers to find and apply appropriate technology to solve their problems.