Cross Platform Development

Louis Georgiou

Director of Code Computerlove

Code are a digital consultancy.  We make sites, apps and content that work across a range of digital devices.

We do it by combining consumer understanding, creativity and ideas, innovative technologies and user-centric design to help deliver commercial value for our clients.

With a background in interactive media and broadcast media, Louis co-founded Code Computerlove in 1999.  Today, Louis helps Code’s clients define their online customer experience and cross platform strategies.


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Daniel Appelquist

Daniel Appelquist is a mobile and Web industry veteran technologist who has been bringing innovative and disruptive services to market for two decades. He was an early Internet and Web pioneer, and has been a dot-com CTO and later a dot-com refugee. While at Vodafone, he helped to launch Vodafone Live! In the UK and has been instrumental in the development of industry standards initiatives and ventures such as dotMobi, the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, and device APIs such as the W3C Geolocation browser API. He recently completed a two year term on the Technical Architecture Group, the architecture steering board for the W3C. He has been a community instigator, founding MobileMonday London as well as the Mobile 2.0 conference series in San Francisco and the Over the Air hack days in the UK. In his current role as Head of Product Management for BlueVia, Telefónica Digital’s developer and network APIs platform, he is working to once again redefine the boundary between Web and Mobile.


Amir Latif

Amir Latif has been involved in software development since the early ‘80s.  Having started out as a bedroom coder, studying for his Masters, then returning to the console world in the early ‘90s he has worked on every kind of game and tool development project, in many senior roles.

More recently he headed up a team of 35 developers as Studio Director at Connect2Media.  For the last two years he has been leading a successful independent design and technology team called Me, We Studios, focussed on producing great mobile and web experiences.


Chris Garrett

Chris is a founding partner and technical lead at Abstraktion, a boutique digital production studio based in South Manchester.

We’re a passionate in the way we use the web and mobile platforms to make business and life easier for everyone.

We combine cutting edge HTML 5 techniques with hard earned backend skills, to brilliant effect, crafting cross-platform websites and applications that look great and work well.

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Stuart Smith

Founder and Chief Shepherd of 3 Sheep Ltd

Stuart founded 3 Sheep after completing 7 years of research and development at The University of Manchester, designing and developing an international award-winning Web App. Following the award I knew it was time to seek new challenges. Digital technology is happening real-time in the consumer and business market places. So 3 Sheep was born, to help businesses push the boundaries of the digital technology and to make the most of the opportunities they bring.

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Tim Closs

CTO of Marmalade

Tim has over 20 years’ experience of commercial software development, and joined Marmalade in 2004. As CTO, Tim has lead the creation and productization of the Marmalade SDK, and continues to drive the company’s technology and product strategies. Tim holds a Mathematics degree and Theoretical Physics postgraduate diploma from Cambridge University

The Marmalade SDK is a cross-platform development environment for rich apps and games on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other embedded platforms. Marmalade allows developers to compile a single codebase to native CPU instructions, then deploy apps easily to all iOS, Android, bada and BlackBerry 10 devices, as well as other platforms including selected smart TV platforms. Marmalade has been adopted by thousands of developers around the world, including leading publishers and has enabled a number of high profile, high performance AAA titles and many #1 games on the Apple App Store. Well known titles including Draw Something, Call of Duty, Cut the Rope, Lara Croft, Need for Speed, BackBreaker and many more choose Marmalade as their cross-platform tool of choice.

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