BlackBerry 10

Alex Bowker

Alex is Business Development Manager for BlackBerry looking after education, health and multimedia opportunities in the UK.

Alex works with brands, partners and developers to produce innovative mobile applications based on current and future technologies as well as evangelising the BlackBerry platform

Prior to joining RIM, Alex spent 20 years in the freelance market with large enterprise customers including Hewlett Packard, Zurich Financial Services and British Petroleum.

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Matt Graham

Matt has 9 Years mobile development experience after undertaking a PhD in Astrophysics. Matt has extensive experience in Android, BlackBerry, BB10, J2ME, Windows Mobile and Symbian development, which allows him to bring a broad range of experience and true cross platform development expertise to a project. Matt has successfully delivered mobile apps for companies such as Hogg Robinson Group, X-Factor, BT, Skyscanner, Sony Ericsson & Motorola.

Michael Cliffe

Michael is the Chief Technical Officer at mxData Ltd. He has worked in the telecommunication, engineering, and financial industries for the past 18 years. His career portfolio includes the likes of Nokia, Marconi, Reuters, First Data and Pi on their Formula One systems.

Michael was the original author of Traffic TV, which today remains one of the most successful applications across the UK mobile business. More recently Michael was instrumental in mxData developing 10 travel city metro apps for the launch of Blackberry 10.

Michael’s interests lie in R&D, software design and development. He is passionate about solving technical problems and using his in-depth knowledge will always find a way!


Luca Sale

Luca is a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist focusing on HTML5 development. With 9 years of web development experience under his belt, 4 of those in mobile, he is a strong advocate for front-end development and pushing the boundaries of what the web can do. Who needs a native app when you’ve got the power of the web?

Sufian Hassan

Sufian is a 19 year old developer/designer who has been self-teaching himself for over 4 years. He has already built and designed several websites and apps of his own as well as for clients. Naturally, he has made the decision to skip University in order to stay focused in his entrepreneurial endeavours.

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