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Volker Hirsch

Volker is the Global Head of Business Development – Games for Research In Motion (BlackBerry) where he arrived via the acquisition of mobile social gaming platform Scoreloop where he was Chief Strategy Officer. He is also a co-founder of Blue Beck, a game and app development studio.

Volker has been in mobile since 1999. He worked with music artists like Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Duran Duran on the world’s first mobile artist services and has been in the mobile games sector almost from its start with Mforma/Hands-On Mobile and Connect2Media (which he co-founded) where he oversaw licensing and corporate development and worked with Marvel, Hasbro, Activision, LEGO, BMW, Konami, the World Poker Tour, Universal, Viacom, and many developers along the way. He also struck more than 200 distribution deals with carriers and OEM around the world.


Jeff Coghlan

Jeff is CEO and founder of specialist digital production agency, Matmi.  The company’s quirky creativity and Jeff’s foresight in global digital marketing have spawned award-winning campaigns for the likes of ASDA, Cancer Research, Comic Relief, Dare 2b, EMI Music (Gorillaz), Mars, Nivea, Parlophone (Lily Allen), Philips, Red Bull, ITV, United Airlines and Vimto Soft Drinks.

“As a digital strategist, my opinions – not always popular or mainstream – have been sought by clients and major advertising agencies. I have been invited to be a guest speaker at many prestigious events to discuss a variety of topics; ranging from the evolution of casual gaming, tech convergence, gamification to the emergence of IPTV”

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Adam Fleming

Adam has been working in the mobile industry since the early days of 3G networks, and has experience of areas ranging from core-network hardware through to mobile handset device drivers, middleware and applications. As CTO for Apadmi, Adam’s focus is mainly on technology and the opportunities it presents for Apadmi and Apadmi’s clients.

A technology enthusiast, Adam has spent most of his career engaged directly with clients at all phases of the project lifecycle. These days, Adam specialises in early-stage consultancy and prototyping, green-field projects and helping customers to find and apply appropriate technology to solve their problems.

Richard Milligham

Worked in the mobile software industry, in a predominately pre-sales type role, for just over 12 years, across network management, billing systems, mobile content platforms, cross-platform mobile applications development and the mobile internet, working mainly with Mobile Operators worldwide. Currently working for 2ergo with a number of clients across the retail sector, including technical lead on the PizzaExpress and Aviva MyClaims iphone application projects.

Tim Haysom

Tim Haysom is head of developer marketing at WAC. He leads activities to
assist new developers in getting their WAC applications to the worldwide
market of WAC connected applications stores. He was previously the CMO of
the OMTP industry consortium.

Tim has over 20 years of experience in the mobile telecoms industry,
working with Operators, Vendors and many in the developer community. He
was responsible within OMTP for the first industry activities to use web
standards to enable a cross platform approach to application development,
known as BONDI. In July 2010, the BONDI activity was transferred into the
new WAC organisation and has formed a key component in the latest WAC

In his spare time, Tim plays the trombone and runs … And runs and runs.

Tim holds a B.Eng. degree in Electronics from the University of

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