Mobile Monday Manchester (MoMoMcr) is back!

After a long break, Manchester's most loved mobile-first event series is back on the road again.

Building a mobile-first community

So what's the goal of Mobile Monday? To provide businesses across the North West with a community for discussion, ideas, thought leadership and best practice on all things mobile.

Rather than being a pure 'networking' event, we want people to come to Mobile Monday and learn. This might be technical insight, mobile strategy, or simply sparking a new idea that can go on to help transform your business.

Each event has a different focus on a single mobile theme, helping to build knowledge and share opportunities across the community.

Discussion is welcomed at all times, and the idea is to build a collaborative network of mobile-first Mancunians.

A global event series

Mobile Monday is a global event series, originating in Helsinki in 2000 and growing across the globe from Silicon Valley to Brisbane.

It has attracted tens of thousands of community members all striving for the same thing: to share, collaborate and learn about how mobile can grow business opportunities and enhance the lives of users everywhere.

Visit the global Mobile Monday website here:

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