Feedback after 1st ever event

What were the strengths of the event?  What did you find most useful or enjoyable and why?

  • As a newcomer and working in a different sector, I found this event highly engaging.
  • Good format, would have been better to have name/twitter details of speakers while they spoke
  • Introductions and panel questions worked very well
  • Wide range of views
  • Debate format worked really well
  • It was great to see passion about mobile
  • Very Informative
  • Good mix of folks and interesting panel
  • Strong opinions on the panel – diverse expertise
  • Good and Concise
  • Strengths: location, venue and panelists
  • Very strong debate and accessible to all
  • Good questions were put forth and answered to the point
  • Good panel of speakers from a variety of backgrounds (possibly one to many agencies)
  • Yes – very good topic which drew interest – Drinks were good too. –
  • There was a great turnout and plenty of questions –
  • The open panel discussion, the networking aspect
  • I found the presenters interesting on the way they enlighten a different perspective of the future of the mobile industry
  • Good selection of speakers – good venue
  • Learnt more about a good subject.
  • Range of panel speakers
  • Networking – general questions (Ie: panel needs to be shorter and sharper)
  • Opportunity to listen to all points of view.  Good debate and lots too sales ‘pitches’.
  • Get some women – maybe a woman on the panel – (try girl geeks)

Overall some great feedback whch we are taking on board to help make future events even more successful.